BrosWeigh; is a manufacturing company who engineers, produces and delivers either full setup or components of electronical weighing systems –i.e loadcell, indicator– as well as providing professional, economical and guaranteed service of those. Main types which BrosWeigh is professional at are bigbag filling, dynamic weighing, tank weighing, chechweigher, weigh-feeder systems.
Headquarters are located in Istanbul – Turkey. Regional branches are wide spread in the country. Aside to Marmara Region and Aegean Region, there are several Local Sales & Service Offices across the country to help every single square feet of Turkey. We are proud to share innovative, efficient and reliable BrosWeigh Quality.
Engineer Teams of BrosWeigh are always willing to take these acts: delivering our product line to customers, pre-sales & after-sales service, inbound & outbound quality check. Every single technician & engineer is well experienced in her/his field of profession.
The eager we feel makes us reach you out and share the best solution available up on your needs & project requirements. Our teams are gathered up by excited people who never gives up developing herself/himself as well as following end-user feedbacks.


Equipping our teams -who are pro at weighing systems- with the latest & high-end tech; developping performance-oriented complete solutions; 100% customer satisfaction.


Delivering product & service in the global market, serving the customer who seeks trust & quality, being a trend-setter engineering company in the industy.