Belt Scale

  • NPI-BS is a high performance belt scale weighing indicator designed for weighing bulk materials in powder or granular form transported on belt conveyor systems.
  • The instantaneous amount and total amount of material passing over the belt conveyor can be monitored in real time. Last 30 days’ records are saved day by day.
  • Via the built-in communication ports, the measured values can be easily transferred to PLC/DCS systems.
  • It is extremely easy to use thanks to its simple menu structure.
  • By its internal PID algorithm, it delivers maximum performance in flow control applications.


Check Weigher

  • ROSWEIGH BCW, is designed to sort out the defective products from the products passing over the belt within the desired tolerance range.
  • It is at your service with its 7” touch LED screen, Turkish +4 language options, and user-friendly interface.
  • Report tables can be easily followed with product and barcode identification options. With its all stainless steel body, BCW has food-grade conveyor belts and a modular structure. The brushless servo motors used in the system deliver constant torque at every speed, allowing stable weighing.
  • In addition to standard BCW models, project-specific production can be made according to product capacity and packaging dimensions.


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