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BW-BBF Big Bag Filling System

-Big Bag filling system save time
-Allows multiple uses with multi-use models.
-It is more economical than other packaging products it is compared to.
-Saves money by reducing labor costs.
-Allows you to use warehouse space effectively.
-Specially designed according to product and customer needs.
-Allows you to create a more sterile working environment.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container – FIBC (aka Big-Bag or Bulk-bag) are large sacks made of laminated or non-laminated fabrics woven from Polypropylene (PP) threads, with a carrying capacity of 500 kg to 2000 kg, for packaging, transport and storage of powder and granular products. . BigBagler is preferred to ensure that processed or raw products are not exposed to any contamination during their shipment to the final packaging facility, an are transported in a clean and safe manner.

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