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BW-HG Remote Display

BW-HG Remote Display;  is a 102mm high, 6-digit, steel case external display designed for remote monitoring of measurement results of the systems such as truck scales, silo weighing systems, crane scales. It has RS232/RS485 communication capability and can be installed up to 200m away. BW-HG has a clear viewing distance up to 40 m and often preferred in industrial applications.

  • 102mm 6 Dijit Red Led
  • RS232/RS485 Communication
  • Date/Clock and Temparature Display
  • Steel Body
  • IP65 Protection
  • Remote display are suitable for tank & silo weighing systems, truck & crane scales and other industrial weighing systems.
Screen 6 Digit
Digits 999.999
RS232/485 9600 bps
Operation Temp -15 ~ +50 °C
Input (Feed) AC 220V ; 50Hz DC 24V
Consumption 20W
Material Steel
Outer Dimensions 660x150x30mm
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