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BWF Weigh Feeder

BROSWEIGH BWF Weigh Feeder, is designed for continuous feeding of powder and coarse materials for a specified time and amount. It is frequently used in mining enterprises, feed, cement, iron-steel factories, power plants that produce heat and electricity.

The working principle of the weigh feeder is dosing the material in the bunker to the conveyor belt with the desired amount given by NPI-BW indicator. After weighing and calculating 3840 times per second, the NPI-BW indicator changes the speed of the AC driver driving the band, allowing the product to pass at the desired time and in the desired quantity.

The desired amount, instantaneous amount and total amount of material passing over the belt conveyor can be monitored in real time. Last 30 days’ records are saved day by day. Via built-in comm ports, obtained values can be easily transferred to PLC/DCS systems. Communication can be done via Rs232, Rs485 and Modbus TCP.

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